Seemingly it’s widely controversial in England and Wales to get divorced from somebody because you don’t like them. I actually thought this was already the case, but today it’s been announced that sweeping reforms will allow couples to seek ‘no-blame’ divorces. You might almost get the impression that we’re modern countries, but that would be entirely an illusion.

Brexit continues to happen but not happen. There’s no point me linking it, don’t be lazy. Somehow we are 4 days from the precipice of oblivion again, and absolutely no progress has been made. May will spend the day in Berlin and Paris, grovelling for another extension to 30th June, which will of course require us to participate in European elections much to Nigel Farage’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, cross-party talks continue between the Remain party headed by a Leaver and the Leave party headed by a Brexiteer.

And somehow this slipped through the net over a year ago: “Nigel Farage has MEP salary docked to recoup misspent EU funds” (The Guardian).

Becuase the world simply isn’t distopian enough right now, Hong-Kong continues to prosecute alleged leaders of the ‘Umbrella Protests’ from 2014The court found that it was “naive to suggest that a concession to introduce the form of universal suffrage … could be made by the government overnight with a click of the fingers”, and that “it cannot be reasonably argued that a charge of conspiracy to cause public nuisance would generate a chilling effect in society”, as snow fell over Hong Kong.

Brazil has a new Education Minister.The outgoing Vélez claimed that Brazilians behave like cannibals whilst abroad and tried to whitewash Brazil’s 21-year dictatorship from textbooks. But fear not: his replacement is a Pensions expert who believes Crack was introduced to Brazil as part of a communist plot, and is a follower of ‘intellectual guru’ Olavo de Carvalho who claims the earth doesn’t rotate around the sun.

Nothing to worry about then.