What Just Happened?

We read the News because you can’t be arsed.


What Just Happened? is a project by non-journalists Will Marshall and Ali Simmonds. We’re both news nerds and think it’s only fair to share what we learn. Each week we select the most important highlights, plus some of the things you might have missed, and serve them up in a (hopefully) mildly-amusing manner.

We’ll also be bringing you some longer opinion pieces and essays.

Get in touch with us on Twitter or e-mail us at: hellowhatjusthappened@gmail.com.

Will Sinclair Marshall

As a lapsed Engineer now working as a Project Manager and budding Entrepreneur, I need an outlet for my outrage!

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Ali Simmonds

What’s your problem? Not sure? I’ll tell you.

Do you know where your towel is?

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